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Serving the Big Bear Area Since 1974

Waste Disposal

Waste disposal services are used by residential and commercial entities for sewage disposal. These services are provided to residents and businesses not connected to a sanitary sewer system. These areas include the Baldwin Lake area, Lake Williams, and the outlying areas of the valley that border or are located in the USFS areas. Residents and businesses in these areas use septic tanks, holding tanks, or chemical toilets for sewage disposal. All of these methods require that they be pumped out regularly. Septic tanks need pumping about every five years depending on usage and soil conditions. Holding tanks and chemical toilets need pumping when they are full. Homeowners must complete the San Bernardino County DEHS Sewage Holding Tank Application which includes BBARWA’s Sewer Entity Agreement. The businesses listed below are licensed to pump out your tank and dispose of the sewage at the BBARWA facility.

Please click on the links below to access provider information.

John Connelly, Connelly Pumping Services


Rick Romans, Romans Construction


Frank Forbes, Big Bear Disposal


Ken Willis, Ken Willis Construction, Inc.


BBARWA reduces the moisture content before recycling to save weight and money.

Septic hauler disposing of sewage at BBARWA.

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