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Cogeneration Project: Previously, the Agency utilized an asphalt-lined drying bed to dry the Agency’s sludge to increase the percent solids prior to disposal. On average, the existing process produces sludge with a solids content of 25% (25% solids and 75% water). This operation was limited to the summer months and on occasion generated odors. The scope of this project included 1) installing heat exchangers on the existing Cummins generator to capture the waste heat, 2) utilizing this waste heat to heat the floor of the lined drying bed and 3) constructing a metal building to cover the existing drying bed that measures 315-feet in length and 60-feet in width. The construction of the building was completed on June 20. We have installed the hot water lines from the generators to the floor of the drying bed, and plumbed the heat exchangers to the generator exhausts. We began using the new building on June 27,...

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