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Replenish Big Bear

Replenish Big Bear Logo_Final CompProtecting our local water supplies is more important than ever, especially with prolonged drought conditions, declining rainfall, and future climate unknowns. Replenish Big Bear is an advanced recycled water treatment project that will recover a local water source currently discharged from Big Bear Valley—expanding our water supply, minimizing drought impacts, and securing our water future.
Each year, millions of gallons of our local water is pumped out of Big Bear Valley to irrigate crops in Lucerne Valley. Replenish Big Bear will capture and treat this lost water source. Proven advanced water treatment processes, such as nutrient removal, filtration, reverse osmosis, and enhanced disinfection, will be installed at BBARWA’s treatment facility to produce more than 600 million gallons of high quality water each year that exceeds drinking water standards.
This new local water source will be used across the Valley to benefit our environment and community for decades to come:
• Replenished lake levels: High quality water will be added to the Stanfield Marsh Wildlife and Waterfowl Preserve and continuously flow into Big Bear Lake where, according to preliminary estimates, it could increase Big Bear Lake levels by up to five feet in dry years.
• A healthier local environment: The project will provide a constant source of water for the 145-acre marsh to restore the thriving wetland habitat. A small portion of the purified water will be pumped to Shay Pond and support habitat for the endangered Unarmored Threespined Stickleback fish.
• Protected drinking water supplies: Potable water currently used to replenish Shay Pond can now be reserved for our community. The high quality water can also be used to recharge the groundwater basin—our sole source of drinking water—and even to store excess water in the watershed during wet years.
Replenish Big Bear is the result of a partnership between BBARWA, Big Bear City Community Services District (BBCCSD), Big Bear Lake Department of Water and Power (BBLDWP), and Big Bear Municipal Water District (BBMWD).
To learn more about the project, please explore the links below. You can also learn more at the new Replenish Big Bear Website.

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