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Serving the Big Bear Area Since 1974

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Treatment Process – The Big Bear Valley’s sewage is treated at our facility in Baldwin Lake


Lucerne Valley Effluent Disposal Site – Our treated wastewater is used to grow alfalfa in Lucerne Valley. The alfalfa is used to feed horses and sheep.


Co-Generation Project – BBARWA generates all of it’s own power using three natural gas generators. Heat from the generator exhaust is going to be used to heat our new asphalt drying bed. The drying bed dries the solids before they are transported to a composting facility in Redlands, CA. Drier solids are less costly to transport.

Natural Gas Generator Rebuild 2014 – Cummins generators being rebuilt by BBARWA mechanics


Click on the photo above
to view the Tour DeBear









Click here to view the 2011 Outhouse Race

Click on the photo above to view
the 2011 Outhouse Race











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