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Manager’s Message


Steven Schindler

David Lawrence

“Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough Teams Do” –

During fiscal year 2013 the agency continued to focus on maintaining the delivery of superior essential services with a commitment to infrastructure and environmental sustainability through hard-work and strategic planning. Staff collaborated to identify untapped operational efficiencies within all departments and implemented identified cost savings efforts. As a result of this, the 2013 expenses are projected to be below approved expenditures by 1.9% or $84,580. This is the power of collaboration and hard-work.

During 2014 the Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency will continue towards its 40th year of providing uninterrupted service to the member agencies and the communities which they serve while not becoming complacent as a result of weathering the most recent economical troubling times. This endeavor, from the Governing Board and Chief Executive to managers, supervisors and staff, requires a commitment of working together within the approved budget, a commitment to continued high quality service and keeping the rate paying constituency at the forefront as we set the stage for another successful year.

As a result of staff’s commitment to control and reduce costs, the FY 2014 Budget is relatively flat when compared to FY 2013. Operating expenses will see a modest 1.4% increase driven largely by repairs and replacements, professional services, and salaries and benefits expense. The Agency will also experience lower capital expenditures of $496,000 during FY 2014, compared to the long-term average of $860,000. Of the planned capital expenditures, two projects (slip-lining and crane truck replacement) account for approximately 85%.

As a result of our governing body and employees’ commitment to excellence, I look forward to beginning another year of uninterrupted superior service to the Big Bear Valley.

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