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Serving the Big Bear Area Since 1974

Collection System

The BBARWA collection system collects sewage from all three sewerage agencies in the Big Bear Valley. The County of San Bernardino provides sewer service to its customers on the north shore of Big Bear Lake from the Dam, east around Highway 38, to Division Drive. The Big Bear City Community Services District collects sewage from residents east of Division Drive to Erwin Lake, and also the Moonridge area. The City of Big Bear Lake collects the sewage from city residents west of Division Drive to Boulder Bay on the south shore of the lake. BBARWA operates two main lines. The “LPS force main” services the City of Big Bear Lake’s sewage system, the “North Shore Interceptor” services the county’s sewage system, which then drains into the “Trunk Line”, which services the Big Bear City CSD sewage system. All of the sewage flows to the BBARWA treatment plant located in Baldwin Lake.

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